Thursday, January 22, 2009


This city is full of creative people... people who are constantly pushing the envelope. So someone decided to to replace every single BUSH street sign to OBAMA street. FYI BUSH runs for 3 miles downtown to pac heights. You got to love it.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

More Love

I got this pic of my nephew isiah rocking the Invisible Stripes Lumberjack. That guy has some lucky parents, I don't remember looking hip at that age, i dont remember looking hip at all. Love this guys too.

Devon the Dude

Went to Rated G at Fabric8 and bumped to one of the Invisible Stripes models "Devon" he told me he was doing his rounds. Wait till i upload the transformer song by him, its super cute.

Composite Sketch

try it and upload and share with friends

i think this is what they use to do composite sketches out at the police department.

Iah rocking the Invisible Stripes Hungry shirt

So i have been working with Invisible Stripes for about a year, and one of the rewarding things of working here is seeing my nephew rocking the shirt. Love this guy.